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Three theatrical miniatures, each a meditation on that experience of human intimacy condemned to amnesia in this American life. Tragi-comical glimpses at two persons, a woman and a man, found in tiny rented rooms in un-named small dot towns in America trying desperately to figure out how in the hell either one might just mean something to the other. These are three minor worlds of minor players, owners of nothing: the one’s left behind, those made to quit, the one’s wanting out. (more...)

Thanks to our generous supporters, Owners of Nothing is on the road. Visit our tickets page to learn where we're performing in your city and reserve your seat! If you're excited by our mission and would like to support this and future tours, then visit Give a Gift. We've reached our Minimum Funding Goal for this year but hope to raise another $2,000 to cover our supplementary budget and lay the groundwork for many tours to come.

Date City
July 11 San Francisco
July 12 Berkeley
July 13 Oakland
July 14 Bolinas
July 15-17 Los Angeles
July 19 Santa Fe
July 21 Dallas
July 24 Austin
July 25 Houston
July 27 Atlanta
July 29 DC
August 1-2 New York City
August 4 Boston
August 6 Dayton
August 8-9 Chicago
August 11 Omaha
August 15 Sacramento
August 16 San Francisco